RHHA Party in the Park- September 23

Hello to All Richmond Hill Homeowners,
To celebrate our newest neighbors who have joined our community in the last weeks, months, year or more, the board will hold a Party in the Park on Saturday, September 23.

We still have many original homeowners who built their homes here in Richmond Hill.  Over the years, they have seen their small children grow up, graduate and move on.  They helped build the community that we all enjoy today. Some of them moved away and others came to live in their place, and in the last few years our community has overflowed with wonderful new people.  We wish to welcome these new families as well as greet each other in these last wonderful days of summer.

Spend a little time with us on the afternoon of Saturday, September 23.  Introduce yourself to a neighbor and bring them with you!  Come for a half hour, an hour, or stay the whole time, but we hope to see you there!

My warmest regards,
Maria Hanson
RHHA President representing your Board